The Future of Food & Beverage

July 2, 2020

The industry is shifting as hotel and restaurant F&B operations worldwide are reimagining themselves to offer exciting concepts to reshape the future. Learn how experts are using popups, cloud kitchens and other exciting offerings to entice their guests.

Discussion Points:

- How to continue creating effective and smart operations and financial plans in this climate

- Can technology play a helpful role to streamline systems and provide improved guest experiences as well as facilitate more contact-free solutions?

- When do you see convention, corporate, and large private event business returning, and how will the approach, marketing, and execution of these events be different than before?

- Best practices both landlords and tenants can follow now and over the course of the next year?

- What steps can operators take to make both guests and their teams feel comfortable and confident?

- As hotels struggle with maintaining signature service touchpoints, how will restaurants and dining programs adapt to new guest expectations balanced with original brand standards in service and excellence?

- Is this a time to redefine hospitality and what it means to the guest, and if so, how?

- Mistakes made and lessons learned as hotels and resorts reopen. How can we course correct?

- Are there any overall dining, travel, or leisure trends you would like to predict for the next year / few years?