Personalisation and Open Banking: The Tale of Two Cornerstones of Successful Customer Engagement

July 1, 2020

The goal of Open Banking was to drive financial innovation in terms of product offering and experience for consumers and SMEs.  While fintechs, such as neobanks or lending platforms, have fulfilled this goal over the past few years, only a handful of banks have brought this promise to fruition. Most still struggle to build compelling digital experiences on top of Open Banking.  

Personetics, in partnership with Plaid, are collaborating with banks to implement data-driven personalised engagement on top of Open Banking. The expected outcome is sizeable:

  • Increase customers’ resilience as they manage their finances across all payment and credit accounts
  • Boost open banking adoption to ~20% for affluent and younger client segments
  • Generate daily, actionable insights for customers and banks alike

Join this webinar to learn about how Personetics and Plaid work together to support banks in this exciting digital journey.


Farid SedjelmaciPlaid

Dorel BlitzPersonetics