Distributed Valley's Remote Startup Expo

April 23, 2020
**What:** Remote Startup Expo - a virtual summit to convene the world's top remote founders, investors, and thinkers. Here are some [highlights][1] from last year's remote summit on remote work. **When: **Thursday, April 23rd from 10AM-12PM PST **Where:** 100% remote via the [Remo.co][2] platform. This is not a webinar. Attendees will be expected to turn on their video and audio, and there will be ample time for networking via Remo. **Who:** Confirmed Speakers: Rousseau Kazi - CEO of Threads Vinay Hiremath - Co-founder of Loom Andrey Khusid - CEO of Miro Darren Murph - Head of Remote of Gitlab Rajiv Ayyangar - CEO of Tandem Ben Huffman - CEO of Contra Hoyin Cheung - CEO of Remo Christelle Rohaut - CEO of Codi Andrey Vinitsky - CEO of Graphy Badri Rajasekar - CEO of Jamm Job van der Voort - CEO of [Remote.com][3] Krish Ramineni - CEO of Fireflies Sahin Boydas - CEO of [RemoteTeam.com][4] David Corfield - CEO of LifeWork Chris Herd - CEO of FirstBase Madhu Chamarty - CEO of BeyondHQ Alex Bouaziz - CEO of Deel Philip Mundy - CEO of Pando Health Audience (100+ attendees, including founders, VCs, angels, HR execs, and remote freelancers), Hosts/Sponsors (Joe Blair from Cota Capital, Andreas Klinger from Remote First Capital, Laurel Farrer from Distribute Consulting, Ho Yin from Remo) **Why:** The primary goal is to hear the world's top remote work CEOs talk about their companies, products, and vision. The secondary goal is to foster and support the community of innovators and champions who are passionate about the remote work space. The topic couldn't be more timely, as knowledge workers around the world are coming to grips with the joys and struggles of remote work. By now, most of us know that working remotely is not as simple as signing up for a Zoom account. :) [1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nizoA1hEIz8 [2]: http://remo.co/ [3]: http://remote.com/ [4]: http://remoteteam.com/